The Wing Clip™ by JC3 LLC

The best golf swing trainer in the world.

Improve Your Game

Building good swing habits is one of the keys to unlock the consistency factor to hitting the golf ball solid and flat on the center facing of the golf club.  The more moving body parts of the swing creates added elements that have to fall in line with the initial stance while addressing the ball.  The Wing Clip helps to keep the lead golf arm in one place, therefore giving the golfer a higher percentage of clean ball striking.

Build Muscle Memory

A good shoulder turn, while keeping the lead arm straight, is the first step of concentration while The Wing Clip is on.  During a practice session, there is no need to swing hard and the swing finish is reduced to 3 quarters.  Remember the lead arm is restricted to bending.  However from the full back swing, through contact with the ball, to that 3 quarter finish, you build muscle memory to repeat the motion to a degree of consistency.

Problem Solvers

One of the early discoveries of using The Wing Clip is that it can be used not only for full Iron play, but it also is a good tool for approach shots, chipping, and depending on your form, putting.  Each one of these steps involves crisp ball striking for best results.

Better Scores

Using The Wing Clip as a training tool enhances the ability for better ball striking.  The results which follow are hitting the golf ball straighter, farther, while building consistency….which leads to better scores.

Easy Instructions

Our Story

The Wing Clip is a golf swing training tool created to curb the tendency of bending the lead arm and virtually eliminate the chicken wing.  The Wing Clip attaches to the lead arm with 3 Velcro straps.   The device fits on the inside of the arm and lock the elbow down with a 1-inch middle strap.  The middle strap is secured, while the arm is straightened, covering the knuckle of the elbow.  You will notice a slight dip in the contour of the middle of The Wing Clip.  This indenture fits comfortably in the underside of the arm.  The wing design is at the top, towards the sky for both right and left handed golfers.

how to attach the wing clip to the arm

Step #1

Mate the Velcro ends for all 3 straps before sliding The Wing Clip onto arm.

slide the wing clip to the bend in the arm

Step #2

Slide The Wing Clip onto the lead arm.

tighten the straps of the wing clip for a comfortable

Step #3

Tighten mid strap first at the bend of the elbow. Follow with end straps. Adjust to tight comfort.